Ladies Styling TreatmentsGraduate StylistStylistSenior StylistSenior Designer
Short hair blow dry and styling£12.00£13.50£16.50£19.50
Long hair / Bouncy blow dry£16.00£17.50£20.50£25.50
Cut and finish£18.00£23.50£29.50£33.50
Re-style and finish£24.00£29.50£36.50£41.50
Shampoo and cut / Dry cut£15.00£16.50£19.50£23.50
Dry styling (curl / straighten)£10.00£11.50£13.50£16.50
Hair up and styling£20.00£26.50£31.50£36.50
Gents Cutting TreatmentsGraduate StylistStylistSenior StylistSenior Designer
Cut and finish£10.00£11.50£16.50£16.50
(wash, cut, neck & eyebrows)
Clipper cut / Head shave)
ChildrenGraduate StylistStylistSenior StylistSenior Designer
0-3 years£6.00£7.50£7.50£7.50
3–7 years dry cut and style£8.00£11.50£11.50£11.50
8–11 years dry cut and style£12.00£13.50£16.50£16.50
12–16 wash, cut and style£15.00£21.50£26.50£29.50
Colour TreatmentsGraduate StylistStylistSenior StylistSenior Designer
*Skin testing will be needed prior to the service
Highlights – Full head£35.00£46.50£56.50£56.50
Highlights – Half Head£25.00£36.50£46.50£46.50
Highlights – Parting£15.00£21.50£26.50£26.50
Tint – Regrowth (full application of colour applied directly to the scalp)£20.00£31.50£31.50£31.50
Tint – Full head£30.00£41.50£41.50£41.50
Quasi / Semi (full head of semi permanent shine enhanced colour to blend or add tone)£25.00£26.50£31.50£31.50
Ombre / Balayage (gradual colour blend / hand painted technique)£35.00£56.50£56.50£56.50
Extra colour / Long hair supplement£10.00£10.00£10.00£10.00
Toner / Enhancer£10.00£10.00£10.00£10.00
Olaplex (rebuilding treatment)£15.00from £15.00
Hair Masks (conditioning treatment)£6.00£6.00
Perming TreatmentsGraduate StylistStylistSenior StylistSenior Designer
*Not including styling
Full head£30.00£40.00£40.00£40.00
Half Head£20.00£30.00£30.00£30.00

Brazilian / Keratin smoothing treatment

£80 – £150


An innovative treatment process that transforms the hair by using natural sources of
Keratin. This treatment penetrates and repairs internal damage and coats the hair
preventing further damage, resulting in smooth, silky, straight hair.

Hair Extensions

Price on consultation


Would you like more lengzth or volume? Have your look transformed with our amazing
hair extensions. We offer a variety of application methods and differing hair ranges to
ensure your hair extensions are perfectly suited to your natural hair type, texture,
lifestyle and budget.

Bridal Packages

Price on consultation


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and you need to look
and feel amazing as you attend it! We can cover the whole wedding party or just the
bridal party either in the salon or where ever you will be on the morning of your
special day. Come and see us so we can personalise the right package for you.